Wet Car in the Garage? Top 5 Causes and Proven Fixes


Wet Car in the Garage

Wet Car in the Garage? Top 5 Causes and Proven Fixes

Having a Wet Car in the Garage can lead to a myriad of problems, from damaging your vehicle to causing mold and mildew growth. Getting to the root of the problem and fixing it quickly is key to preventing bigger headaches down the road. We’ll explore the three main reasons you may find yourself with a soaked car in your garage, along with solutions to remedy each scenario.

Reason 1: Leaky Garage

If your garage itself is letting in water, you’ll soon end up with a wet interior and a drenched car. Several culprits could be to blame for a leaky garage:

Wet Car in the Garage

Poor drainage and grading outside

Over time, soil and debris can gather around the exterior of your garage if drainage channels and grading aren’t maintained properly. Next time heavy rains hit, water can seep into cracks and openings.

How to fix:

  • Check grading slopes away from the garage
  • Use landscaping tools to improve drainage
  • Install French drains along the perimeter

####Cracked foundation

Like any home structure, garage foundation slabs can develop cracks from freezing weather, soil shifting, improper installation, and more. These make it easy for water to trickle inside.

How to fix:

  • Patch foundation cracks
  • Seal cracks and use waterproofing treatments
  • Extend downspouts further away from the garage

####Damaged roof

A compromised garage roof is one of the most obvious sources of water intrusion. With heavy snow, wind, hail, and age, roof leaks can develop around flashings, shingles, skylights, and more.

How to fix:

  • Inspect the roof yearly and replace damaged materials
  • Reinforce and re-flash trouble areas prone to leaks
  • Install additional drainage tools like gutter guards

Reason 2: Outdoor Parking Habits

Sometimes the issue lies not with your garage itself, but how you use it. Parking a soaked car inside, whether you just drove through heavy rain or pressure-washed your dirty vehicle outside, essentially brings the outdoors in.

Wet Car in the Garage

####Driving in the rain

Braving a heavy thunderstorm or downpour en route home? Even a short drive can lead to a dripping mess inside your car that then gets transferred into your garage space when parked.

How to fix:

  • Wait out heavier rains if possible before driving
  • Use automotive drying tools beforehand like absorbent cloths
  • Immediately dry exterior and interior car surfaces when parked inside

####Washing outdoors

While convenient, washing your car on the driveway or street can leave lingering moisture behind in all the nooks and crannies. Much of this gets brought right back inside afterward.

How to fix:

  • When possible, use a heated indoor car wash
  • Dry the vehicle as thoroughly as possible after washing
  • Leave the garage door open afterward to ventilate

Reason 3: Parking Too Soon

In some cases, you may unknowingly be parking your car too soon while condensation still lingers. This moisture can drip out hours later, slowly soddening your garage.

Wet Car in the Garage

####Post-rain moisture

Even after showers pass, residual wetness clinging to your car can continue evaporating. Parked inside the garage shortly after rainfall, this emerging moisture will collect beneath the vehicle.

How to fix:

  • After the rain stops, thoroughly dry the car first
  • Allow extra ventilation time before parking inside
  • Place absorbent pads beneath the tires

####Internal AC condensation

Following blasting A/C on summer drives, moisture build-up occurs naturally within the cooling system. As this starts evaporating from underneath, it can create puddles.

How to fix:

  • Briefly air out the car before parking inside
  • Install a garage vent fan to circulate air
  • Place a protective mat under the front

In Summary

A wet car parked inside leads to unwanted dampness and potential garage damage over time. By identifying the source of the problem – whether it’s a leaky structure itself, parking habits introducing moisture or condensation – you can take steps to keep your car and garage dry. Address minor issues before they turn into major headaches. With preventative maintenance and adapting a few routines like drying beforehand and allowing ventilation time, you’ll keep excess wetness safely out of your garage.


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